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Jupiter JFL-611 RBS Open Hole Flute with B Foot & Solid Silver Head




Pre-owned in near mint condition.

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Pre-owned in near mint condition.

This flute has been beautifully cared for and shows just the lightest tarnishing under the key rods, otherwise, it is mint throughout and plays perfectly throughout the registers. Pads are undamaged and keywork is superb and very responsive.

Supplied with the original hard case, soft outer carry case, Owner's Manual with the original quality check list and the original pull through/tuning rod.


Silver Plated body and keys

Sterling Silver headjoint

Open hole design

B foot

Inline G

Key: C


.925 Sterling Silver Headjoint offers the player a darker, richer tone with greater warmth, projection, and power

Open Hole Keys allows for more clarity and a quicker response while allowing the player to partially cover keys for more precise intonation

B Footjoint extends the range of the instrument to low B as well as providing a darkened tonal colour to the instrument

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