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Paiste Alpha 8" Thin Splash Cymbal – Brilliant Finish




Pre-owned, barely used in near mint condition

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Pre-owned, barely used in near mint condition

Alpha cymbals were first launched by Paiste in 1992. Today, the Alpha brand is synonymous with dependability, and the cymbals are well known for their first-class sound and fair prices.  The new brilliant look is accomplished by skilled craftsmen who hand polish the cymbals to a mirror perfect finish in the final production stage. Prior to that, top-notch hi-tech processes give Alpha cymbals their initial shape and strength. They are also further enhanced by traditional hand hammering.


Weight: thin

Volume: soft to fairly loud

Stick Sound: washy, smooth

Intensity: fairly lively

Sustain: short

Bell Character: fairly integrated

Sound Character: Bright, silvery, short, full. Medium range, fairly clean mix. Fast attack followed by a quickly fading and sizzling decay. Very responsive feel. A very dynamic, universal splash cymbal for multi-purpose application in most styles.

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