Yamaha TG500 Tone Generator Rack Unit




Pre-owned in good condition with some scratches to the outer casing

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Pre-owned in good condition with some scratches to the outer casing

The TG500 is based on the SY85 and features the improved AWM2, Yamaha's 2nd-generation Advanced Wave Memory technology.  There's plenty of memory: 8MB of waveform ROM, and even an Expandable Waveform RAM:  up to 1MB of waveform RAM can be installed to allow loading of external samples via waveform cards or the MIDI Sample Dump protocol. Four expansion card slots right on the front-panel (two slots for data cards & two slots for wave cards) (not included)


384 presets including 252 voices

4 multi-instrument drum voices

128 performance combinations

192 internal RAM locations additionally store 126 voices, 2 drum voices, and 64 performance combinations.

64-voice polyphony

Slots for dual external memory card sets (VOICE and WAVE).

Easy-to-read 24-character × 2-line backlit LCD display.

Recognizes individual key aftertouch.

Stereo L/R and 4 individual audio outputs.

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