Yamaha Genos 76 Key Digital WorkStation Keyboard, Speakers & Stand




Pre-owned in near mint condition, this superb keyboard shows just a couple of tiny scuffs to the satin black finish of the casing, so small we couldn't get a clear photo.

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Pre-owned in near mint condition, this superb keyboard shows just a couple of tiny scuffs to the satin black finish of the casing, so small we couldn't get a clear photo.

The keyboard comes bundled with the original Yamaha L-7B Stand, the GNS-MS01 speaker/subwoofer set, covers for the keyboard, speakers and sub, the clear perspex music rest, all connecting cables and a downloaded/printed version of the Reference Manual, plus original Owner's Manuals for the stand and speaker set. Just to top it all off is a USB drive with thousands of Song Styles, Music Styles, MIDI Songs and MIDI Styles.  Total value for this package is well over £4000 new! 

Featuring Yamaha's latest sound production technology

Control your music with Yamaha's intuitive Live Control surface and LCD touch screen

Expand your music with 1.8GB flash memory with high speed reading/writing

Enhance your sound with the powerful DPS effect processing Genos is the new benchmark in the creation of digital workstation sound, design and user experience. Whether you are in a recording studio or live on stage. Genos will inspire and intensify your musical creation and performance.


Number of Keys: 76

Touch Response: Normal, Easy 1, Easy 2, Soft 1, Soft 2, Hard 1, Hard 2

Keyboard Type: Organ FSX, Initial Touch/Aftertouch

Key Material: Plastic


Tone Generation: AWM Sampling

Maximum Polyphony: 256

Number of Voices: 1652

Number of SFX Kits: 58

Compatibility: XG, GS, GM, GM2

Featured Voices

Revo: 10

Ensemble: 76

Super Articulation: 390

Super Articulation 2: 75

MegaVoice: 82

Sweet: 40

Cool: 81

Live: 160

Organ Flutes: 24


Reverb: 59 Preset, Plus 3 User

Chorus: 107 Preset, Plus 3 User

DSP Variation: 358 Preset, Plus 3 User

DSP Insertion 1 – 28: 358 Preset, Plus 10 User

Master Compressor: 5 Preset, Plus 5 User

Master EQ: 5 Preset, Plus 2 User

Part EQ: 28 Preset, Parts

Vocal Harmony: 54 Preset, Plus 60 User

Synth Vocoder: 20 Preset, Plus 60 User

Microphone Effects: Noise Gate, Compressor, 3 Band EQ, 23 Vocal Effects


Number of Styles: 550

Fingering: Single, Fingered, Fingered on Bass, Multi Finger, Al Finger, Full Keyboard, Al Full Keyboard

Style Control: 3 Intro, 4 Main Variation, 4 Fill, Break, 3 Ending

OTS: Each Style x4

Compatibility: SSF, SSF GE

Featured Styles

Pro: 491

Session: 39

Free Play: 10

DJ: 10

Songs & Recording

Number of Tracks: 16

Data Capacity Per Song: 300KB

Playback Format: SMF, XF

Recording Format: SMF

Song Recording Capacity: 0.8GB per Song

Song Playback Format: WAV, MP3

Song Recording Format: WAV


Multi Bank Pads: 448 Banks x 4 Pads

Voice Functions: Harmony, Arpeggio, Panel Sustain, Mono/Poly

Style Functions: Style Creator, OTS Information

Song Functions: Score Display, Lyrics Display

Registration Memory Buttons: 10

Registration Memory Control: Registration Sequence, Freeze

Number of Records: 2500

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