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JHS B B Blaster BB10 Lead Guitar Practice Amplifier Amp




Pre-owned in good condition with a few small scuffs to the outer casing

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Pre-owned in good condition with a few small scuffs to the outer casing

10 watt guitar amplifier, designed with your needs in mind. Feature laden, great sounding, able to adapt to all kinds of music, this amplifier really delivers.

Drive/Clean – Push this little button to get lots more ZAP and blast. Check it out!

Input – This is a standard 1/4" input jack for plugging in your instrument. It is intended for guitars but will accept other instruments as well.

Gain – Adjust this clockwise to increase the amount of distortion you add to the overdrive signal. Used in the lower ranges of the control, you get a less distorted sound, a “bluesy” tone. As you increase the gain, you add tremendous amounts of distortion to the signal for a harder edged “crunch” tone.

Bass/Treble EQ – Mould your own sound with these tone controls.

Volume – The output volume control for the entire amplifier.

Phones – A 1/4" jack for plugging inheadphones to put the sound in both ears,creating a pseudo-stereo sound. Volume will be determined by the volume control. It will automatically disconnect the internal speaker when plugged in to allow quiet practising.

Power – This switch turns the power to the amp on and off.

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