Mr Power Power Prof Multi 9v Power Distribution for Guitar Effects

Mr Power



Pre-owned in near mint condition, just a couple of tiny scratches to the outer casing

Supplied with:

Power supply unit

10 x power cables

2 x Polarity convertor cables

2 x 1/8" jack convertor cable

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Ten Output 10

Powers For 9V, 12V or 18V Guitar effects Pedal.

Bright Blue LED For Pedal Board Lighting & Short Circuit Indicate.

All 10 outputs in this unit have separate short-circuit protection, i.e.short circuit in one channel won’t affect other channels’ function.

under the circumstances of all LED lights on, LED light of the short-circuited channel will off, while lights in the other normal channels are still on.

7CH 9V(100mA) for ordinary analog effectors, 1CH 9V(500mA) for digital effectors and DC 9V low-power digital guitar amplifiers, 1CH 12V/18V(100mA)

The number clips helps quickly find the channel of the cable.

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Mr Power


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