Marshall RG1 Regenerator Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal




Purchased for a project and never used.

Supplied with:

Owner's Manual

New Battery

Original Box

More details



•Sturdy metal housing

 •V Chorus, M Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Step Phaser and V Vibe effects types

 •Speed control

 •Depth control

 •Regen Level control


Digital Modulation pedal with 6 switchable modes along with a host of other controls.

The Marshall Regenerator is the ultimate modulation pedal featuring four of the most popular modulation effects. With six different modes you can flick between chorus, phaser and flanger effects with ease. This compact pedal gives you full control over the modulation time, depth and regeneration of each of the different modes, allowing you to explore and create sounds of your own.

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