Small 12 String Trapezoid Lap Harp / Zither / Psaltery



Pre-owned in excellent condition

Supplied with tuning handle.

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Pre-owned in excellent condition

Supplied with tuning handle.

A beautiful little instrument with a whimsical sound.

Currently tuned in scale of D major starting at D (293Hz), going one and a fifth octaves up to A (873Hz). Although other tunings are possible, the trapezoid shape, and the way the instrument is strung, lends itself to a major scale. Although there are 12 playable strings, the instrument is strung with 6 strings, each string being hooked around the end pegs, and returning to the next tuning peg. Therefore, extra pressure on one string, will directly affect the tuning of the next string, therefore, a light touch is called for.


Maximum width - 390mm

Maximum length 152mm

Body depth - 25mm

Total depth (including tuning pegs) - 49mm

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