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1979 Fender 25th Anniversary Stratocaster in Antique Silver - 4.79kg Strat!




Pre-owned in good cosmetic condition and perfect playing condition.

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Pre-owned in good cosmetic condition and perfect playing condition.

This guitar shows lots of purely cosmetic scuffs, scratches and dings to the body from 40+ years of use. It has been gigged lots and played extensively. It has just returned from the luthier, where all frets have been changed and the maple board re-finished, all to an exceptionally high standard. In addition, a new bone nut has been fitted and the guitar has been set up and intonated to perfection.

All electrics are original factory.

Please note, as with most Strats of this era, this is a very heavy guitar weighing in at 4.79kg (10lb 9oz in old money). If you're comfortable with the weight of the guitar, you will be rewarded with excellent sustain, coupled with traditional Strat sounds. 

It is supplied with the bridge cover, tremolo arm and a period aluminium framed flight case. The case shows some wear but operates well.

This guitar is priced below market value due to having a non-original case and wear to the body. But no doubting with the set up it's had, if playing is your thing, you will not be disappointed.

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