TL Audio Fat 1 Fat Man Stereo Valve Compressor

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The FAT 1 is the first valve compressor to combine fully adjustable controls with fifteen preset compression programs, allowing you the choice of creating your own unique settings or opting for our wide selection of factory programmed presets. Now at last you have access to professional sounding high quality valve compression for both tracking and mixing.

The FAT 1 combines classic valve techniques with solid state circuitry (known as a “hybrid” design) in order to achieve the best combination of noise performance and valve warmth. This makes the FAT 1 ideal for integration into both analogue and digital recording systems, where extra warmth is required without the penalty of increased noise levels.

Line inputs and outputs are provided on each channel, on electronically balanced jack connectors. These are fully compatible with unbalanced signals, and the operating level of the ins/outs can be shifted from -10dB to +4dB via a rear panel switch

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