Allen & Heath Mix Wizard WZ 20:8:2 Mixing Console/Desk

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Pre-owned in good condition, showing a few signs of use including some light scratches to the outer casing and scratches to rack ears where the unit was rack mounted.  Please see below for full details

Supplied with User Guide.

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Operationally, the unit is good working order. It has been fully tested and the only noise coming from any controls are from the LF EQ control pots on channels 1-8, and only when the EQ In buttons are depressed. The noises are when the controls are used at speed over the centre point click position. Slow the control movement down and they don't make a noise at all. The pots are stable when stationary. This will almost certainly not even affect the performance of this unit as EQ controls are generally used with tiny tweaks so this may not even be noticeable to the new owner, but we like to mention any small issue to avoid any disappointment

The WZ20:8:2 is a compact 8-track console for project studios and location recording. The connector panel can be rotated for desktop or rack mounting.


8 mic/line inputs with -20dB pad, 4 band EQ with sweepable mids and in/out switching, 6 aux sends, pan, channel on switch, peak led, PFL switch, routing switches and 100mm fader. +48V phantom switchable globally

6 stereo channels with -10dB / +4dB sensitivity switching, 2 band fixed EQ, 6 aux sends, balance, channel on switch, peak led, PFL switch, routing switches and 100mm fader

8 tape returns with routing to auxes 1-2 and 6, pan, level, PFL switch, PFL led and tape rev switch

6 aux sends, 1-2 (cue) fixed pre fade, 3-4 pre/post switchable, 5-6 fixed post fade

Mixdown switch reconfigures inputs, giving multitrack signals access to full EQ + insert processing and FX sends

4 band EQ on mic/line inputs with separate controls for sweep and cut/boost on mid bands.

Two 2-track sends and returns. 2-track 1 is on XLRs, 2-track 2 is on TRS jacks

12 segment, 3 colour led metering for L-R and PFL. Peak leds on all channels

1 kHz oscillator for line-up, level matching and path checking


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