Vintage 6 String Banjo Resonator Closed Back Banjo




Pre-owned in excellent condition, just a few light scratches to the body and the bridge has been modified. It's been lifted by approx 2.5mm and looks like it was previously used on a 4 string banjo. There are a few extra grooves in the top of the bridge and the low "E" and "G" strings are slightly closer together than the others - see pictures. Otherwise, this banjo is in great shape. 

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Neck: Mahogany

Resonator: Mahogany

Shell: Aluminium

Fingerboard: Rosewood

Head: Remo, Coated

Tuners: Enclosed, Geared

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Manufaturers of guitars, bass's, acoustic, electric, semi acoustic, electro acoustic. Popular manufacturer using Wilkinson hardware and electrics.


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