1991 Selmer Super Action 80 Series ii Alto Saxophone




Pre-owned this sax has been heavily gigged but plays beautifully. Because of the cosmetics, this horn is being sold at a very competitive price. Ideal for someone who wants a perfect playing SA80 but isn't worried about how it looks - which is to say, well used. 

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The sax is covered in scratches, small dents, corrosion peeking through the lacquer, it even has the previous owners initials scratched into the lacquer! But as previously mentioned, this is just cosmetic and does not affect how this sax performs. It blows freely, the action is super slick with no leaks or sticky pads. It's a beauty to play.

Supplied with:

Very tatty carbon fibre case with a missing handle and covered in stickers and sticker residue.

Well used Selmer Super Session mouthpiece with no ligature or cap

Pad saver.

There is no doubt, the Super Action 80 Series ii is one of the most sought after saxes today but please take note, if you want a cosmetically perfect condition example, we'd highly recommend looking elsewhere, as this will not be the sax for you.   

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