Mid 80's Staccato MG Bass Guitar - Pearl White




Pre-owned with a few small marks and chips to the body and head but overall, in excellent condition for a 32 year old classic

Supplied with the Original hard shell case

Serial No: 0032/14

14 also scratched into the fibreglass body inside to match the headstock serial number.

Also written inside V XL slap, must have meant something to Pat Townsend

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For those in the know, this extremely rare bass will need no introduction. For those that don't know, here's a little background info.

Founder Pat Townshend’s real passion was to make truly great and equally odd guitars. With funding from members of the Rolling Stones, a factory was set up in Woodbastwick, Norfolk.

Just over 200 of the M.G. models were built with the production starting in 1985 ending in 1987 after Pat resigned from the company.

Staccato players included Mick Jagger, Bill Wyman, Gene Simmons of Kiss, and Lemmy of Motorhead.


Cast magnesium alloy though neck

Precision right hand tuning system

Fibreglass body

Industrial plastic fingerboard

Strings are anchored at the headstock whilst the tuners are situated at the other end of the instrument behind the bridge. Pickups are double-bladed sealed units which are concealed within the magnesium centre body block with only the blades themselves protruding through to the front.

Staccato was the first and only production magnesium guitars made to this day.

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