Late 1970’s "Magnavox" era, Ampeg SVT Bass Amplifier Head & Touring Box - Fully Serviced




Pre-owned in near perfect working order (see full description) and well used road worn cosmetic condition. There are lots of small nicks and tears to the covering and some corrosion to the rear grill. A classic thoroughbred bass amp, ready to plug and play!

Fully Serviced with receipt to show work done

Supplied in over sized touring box on wheels

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Fully serviced with receipt to show work carried out. The only very minor issue that wasn't remedied was a very light "hum" when the volume is at minimum and the "Ultra" switch is set to "Low". A tiny adjustment of the volume control to just off minimum eliminates the hum. Although, let's be fair, the chances of stumbling across this hum is remote at best, because there's not many bassists out there who ever set their 300w all valve bass head volume to minimum! 

The bass amp that all bassists dream of


4 Inputs - 2 Bright, 2 Normal

300 Watts

All tube technology – fourteen tubes

Weight approx 95lb

Though to the rear of the chassis it says 'SVT V9,' this amp has nothing in common with the V9, it is an SVT.  Because the two amps used the same chassis and power section, the SVT's and V9's all said SVT/V9 on the back during the Magnavox years of V9 production (1975-1980). The faceplate specifies SVT

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