Ibanez Starfield VT-50 Combo Valve Amplifier




Pre-owned in perfect working condition and excellent cosmetic condition, just a couple of very small nicks to the tolex and some very light scratches to the metal panels, in all though, excellent for its age. Having just been serviced, this classic old British valve amp packs a punch and sounds superb. Read below and check the pics for full details

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These classic old Starfield VT-50 amps were completely hand made in limited numbers in the late 80's, in Leeds, England. Having seen prototypes, Ibanez were happy to put their name to the project, but wanted to keep some separation from the main company, hence being marketed as "Starfield Ibanez".

Superb build quality, hand wired and indistinguishably British, with not one, but two Union Jack flags, one in colour on the main control panel and a small black & white one on the back panel. The Celestion G12 Vintage 30 sings on the clean channel and punches out unmistakable crunch on the gain channel, with the added versatility of built in Spring Reverb. It is an amp with a lot more power than its diminutive frame suggests, making it an ideal contender for carrying to gigs without breaking your back, while still providing enough power to use as back line.

The back cover was missing when it arrived here so we have crafted a "Mahogany" stained back cover which although not original, looks attractive enough. 


Two-channel, closed-back combo amp

12” Celestion G12 Vintage 30

Two ECC83 valves in the preamp

One ECC83 and two General Electrics 6L6GC in the power amp

Single input

Spring reverb unit

Controls - Volume, Gain, Level, Master, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence and Reverb.

Lead channel switch that can also be operated by footswitch (not included)

Dimensions: 475mm x 425mm x 300mm

Weight: 23kg

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The Ibanez brand has a huge following. Some of the worlds greatest rock guitarists will use nothing but Ibanez.


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