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Pre-owned in mint condition

Supplied with specification sheet

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Pre-owned in mint condition

Supplied with specification sheet

The TL Audio DO-2 Mono/strero S/PDIF digital output card is an optional digital card designed to add digital output and digital clocking capabilities to several of TL-Audio's 2-channel pieces.


Output format: Coaxial SPDIF to IEC 60958-3

Channels: Mono/stereo (DO-2), 4 channel (DO-4)

Sample rates: 48 bit, 44.1, 48 and 96kHz

Word length: 24 bits

Input impedance: greater than 50kW

Bandwidth: ± 1dB 20Hz to 20kHz

Noise: -95dB (measured 110Hz to 20kHz)

Jitter: Less than 5ns

Clock accuracy: ±20ppm

External clock lock: ± 25ppm


TL Audio DO-2 Gigital Output Card Compatible With:

Ivory 2 5013

Ivory 2 5021

Ivory 2 5050

Ivory 2 5051

Ivory 2 5052

Ivory 2 5060

Ebony A1

Ebony A2

Ebony A3



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