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Takamine G Series EG330C Electro Acoustic Guitar with Case




Pre-owned in good condition, showing plenty of signs of use.

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Pre-owned in good condition, showing plenty of signs of use. This guitar has spent most of its life on the road being gigged and as such, does look well used. It's fair to say, if you're looking for a shiny pristine example, this is not the guitar for you. However, if you're looking for a player’s guitar and you're not bothered about the looks, this is definitely worth a mention because it plays and sounds great.

From top to bottom.

Head and tuners - A few small chips, scratches and marks, tuners work fine. Neck, frets and fingerboard - The neck is in good shape, no warping, twists or bends but the back of the neck does have some small mareks from use.

Frets show light wear from 1-4 and pretty much no wear at all from 5 to the end.

Fingerboard also shows light wear.

Body - Shows lots of tiny dings, chips and scratches consistent with being well used. Where the back of the body joins the neck, the lacquer has some cracking (see pictures). Worth pointing out, we have checked the join and it is not a structural issue, just some cracking to the lacquer. There are no splits to the wood of the body or sides and the guitar is structurally sound.

Electrics - working fine.

Case - Fairly vintage and looking a little tatty but functioning fine.

A fabulous player reeady for many more years on the road.

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